Settled down!





ここSan Diegoでは必ずといっていいほどプールがついてきます。(使わなければその分安くしてくれてもいんじゃないかな・・)

このプールの前にGuest Roomがあります。ちゃんとトイレやシャワーも完備してます。これで家族や友人をたくさん呼べます!



1からすべてSettle downするということは、色々することがありました。

  • Open a bank account
  • Researching a residence
  • Buying furnitures / other necessities.
  • Utlilies
  • Cars
  • Driver's Licence
  • Insurance


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ストライカー さんのコメント...

オールウェズ ネバー ギブアップ!

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chuck さんのコメント...

Hi, my big brother, how are you? strongly hope that you and your wife are ding well. Apologize for not communicating you for a pretty long time. I thank you very much for your mail last night. I thought about you and thinking about your success in the States. Now,,,, I've looked the most recent pixs in your blog that you have finally settle down to a beatfiul town house (duplex?) Ha?! It looks awosome with a pool. you should use it to a venue for the relax. This is a way to enjoyo a American life. A house with a pool in the States costs around $150,000 depend on where to buy it. It's a American stlye life. The Life is once so you'd better enjoy of all.

chuck さんのコメント...

Hi, This is me again. Always thank you for sharing your activities in the State. I am alway look forward to checking your blog w/pixes. I am very glad that you finally settled down & you have own your place to study & the most importantly you can enjoy a US life with you wife. Congrats on getting those items that you probably need to survive there.

chuck さんのコメント...

Sorry, me again, please update pix w/your jeep (I thoughts you bought a jeep??!) in your next blog. How is your school? I am sure that you have been doing excellent with credits. By the way, Brett Favre has thrown the last pass.I guess that a great era of GBP has gone. What's make me excited with a football is, 4th down & inch with a time running to a game over.

NARI さんのコメント...

Hey Chuck,
What a message you posted.Thx always for keeping touch and not hesitating to post your message which is awesome and I love it. I actually bought with a great deal for CR-V which you can see a lot here in SD. I'm very struggling with studies so far.But always feel grateful to be here and learn.
Take care of yourself bro.

chuck さんのコメント...

Hi Brother, TGIF here. I'm packing my stuff & should be hitting my road a pretty soon. Congrats on a nice CR-V you bought. Do not forget that you will put pix up in the blog. I look forward to looking YOUR CR-V. You must be kidding that you ara struggling with your classes. Do not worry aobut it. You are THE BEST man that I have known. You will make your dream at end of the day, I definetely bet. All right, Have a nice weekend. Do not forget that you enjoy whatever you participate. Becasuse THE LIFE IS ONLY ONCE. Take care & write you agin. Love you brother.

NARI さんのコメント...

Chuck,I got a power again bro.Thx