The 1st day of USA SEVENS!

USA Sevensが始まりました。

今日は一日VIP GuestsがいるSuite Seatで多くの方々と会話をし、彼らの生の声(期待・満足度・意見etc)を伺う役割を担いました。


  • 他の州・国から多くの人が来るので、試合以外の観光とパッケージになった商品をPromotionすべき。(San Diego zoo/Sea Worldなど)
  • 各国の曲を流すなどしてより国際イメージを高める。
  • もっと多くの青少年チームを招待し、子供達に夢・目標を与える。
  • VIP Suite Roomに招待したら、マージンをもらえるようにして欲しい。




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chuck さんのコメント...

Hi, Let me guess who they are & where they are from among 3 of pictures with you in it. The picture in the very bottom must be from a fan of Kenya, I guess. The middel one is for US, the top one is from US as well??? They look like they come from Europe? I'm not sure though!!!! So please share with us briefly. See, US is so diversfied, you will be able to interlock with all kinds of people from all over the world. This called cosmopolitan. You mingle with all national, which you are very very global. I guess that this is supposed to be the way to go. Your blog always give us an encouragement, for which I really appreciate. I promote to see your blog to some of people in the team of SONY BU, that you and I used work with. Thanks & regards

NARI さんのコメント...

Thank you Chuck,

The pic on the top for US, the middle one from Argentina, and the last one from Kenya and south africa. some of them are from embassy actually.

Thank you always for your comments bro.

匿名 さんのコメント...

The spring training for MLB has just begun!? Some of MLB teams has added & imported a new faces of Japnese Samurais. Fukudome used to played in Dragons has just departed for US to join in The Cubs, Matsuzaka, Okajima, Matsui had gone to US for the new seasons.
As you will be a sport diplomat for the MLB?, NBA?, NFL? whatever you may be, what you guess that who will be the world champ in 2008? Do you think that Redsoxs will do a twopeat this season? I guess MLB will be fan to watch. I want to Redsoxs to dominate the league. Send a great chair & scream to Ichiro & Okajima. For ichiro, should give as many as RBI & hits, & for Okajima, should get as many as KKKK from star slaggers like Arods, Giambee, and names much more. By the way to which team you are with this year, Padress?? Thanks & regards,

chuck さんのコメント...

Hi brother, sorry that the message that I have just left at 1:12 is from me, Chuck. Sorry about it.

NARI さんのコメント...

Hi Tokumei-san(Chuck),
Thanx a lot for your passionate comments. I expect other teams besides Redsox will win the championship this yr to have an equal chance to all the teams. Why don't you try to buy a ticket for the 1st game of Redsox held in Tokyo? http://event.yomiuri.co.jp/mlb/
I believe it'll be exciting.

While many Japanse baseball players go to US, we need to consider how to keep/grow Japanase baseball also..