Hillary Clinton Visit to SDSU




話は全部聞きませんでしたが、アメリカで問題視されている高い医療費や雇用問題、Global Warming(温暖化)などの話がありました。




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chuck さんのコメント...

Wow, It's so nice to see her pictures that she visited at your college campus & gave a lecture. Thank you very much for sharing pictures with us. So since she gave a lecture in a various topics, have you ever seen a movie called ", Sicko"? what do you think about it?

NARI さんのコメント...

Is this what you are talk'g about bro? http://www.michaelmoore.com/sicko/dvd/

No, I've not. It seems interesting ,talk'g about medical system so I'll try to watch.
I'm now watching your team NYG.

MK .com TW さんのコメント...


i know you are in us.
i guess that you are fine.
if you have a time, please contact me.
do you know me?

NARI さんのコメント...

Hello, mk.com tw.(pretty long name hah)
Since i can not surely recognize you, pls post me, Fukutome-san knows how.

mk.com tw さんのコメント...

oh really.
im wakino.
do you rememver me?

NARI さんのコメント...

Oh my brother, Wakino-san
pls email me other members in MK know about it.

chuck さんのコメント...

hi, brother, I am reading correspondance in your blog. Who is wakino-san, brother? Is he another your buddy from Big Blue?

NARI さんのコメント...

Hey Chuck, check with Yamanaka-san about him. He knows him bro. Thks!